Shine Balls 2.0™
Shine Balls 2.0™
Shine Balls 2.0™
Shine Balls 2.0™


Shine Balls 2.0™


🎁 1/10 Orders Get 2 Bonus Balls!


📱 As seen on TikTok

🤹🏼 Get rid of your boredom and stress with The New Shine Balls 2.0™

⭐️ The most popular kids toy of 2020!

🧒🏽👧🏼 A perfect gift for boys and girls

Whats new!?

🔮 They now have many little orbs inside of them that feel so satisfying!

⏬ The new orbs help them fall from the ceiling faster. 

💪🏼 The material is thicker so they break less easily

✨ They still glow in the dark

🤑 16 Pack is the best value

🧼 Easy to clean under water and will be sticky like new

🌲 Non-toxic and Environmentally Friendly TPR material

👍🏼 Sticks onto all types of surfaces and is highly durable

❇️ Does not leave any stains or marks

⚕️Used for fun but also helps with stress, anxiety, and ADHD

🛫🌎 Free Fast Worldwide Shipping + Tracking Number

 Tax Included

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